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About Enertik

Enertik was established in 2002. At that time, the global use of solar photovoltaics as decentralized power generation method was still in the early stages of development, and we had already begun to embrace the trend of clean energy transformation.

Now we represent many competitive and well-known solar energy product brands all over the world and distribute them to our most valuable customers. We also collaborate with world’s first-class factories to design and manufacture our own-branded solar products in accordance with the needs of our customers. 

We focus our business in off-grid energy storage and hybrid (both grid-connected and energy storage) photovoltaic system design, equipment supply, and distribution. 

The main target customer groups are decentralized power generation for household and small-medium sized enterprise applications.

Today, we can provide customers with any system or product related to photovoltaic power generation and its systems, including solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, solar pumps, motor frequency conversion controllers, voltage regulators… …etc. 

We can even help installers design a complete system to integrate solar energy to different application scenarios, such as irrigation and water pumps systems for agricultural sectors, power solution for marine and RV applications, reduction in electricity bills and UPS systems for households and critical operation centers, chargers for electric vehicles, heat pumps for cooling/heating/swimming pools, telecommunication in remote areas, energy solution for country houses and campgrounds., etc.

We have been working hard for more than 20 years and our perseverance, diligence and creativity have helped us establish deep trust between us and our more than 30,000 customers. 

Thanks to our experience in the sector, and the fact that we provide consulting and after-sales services for installers, may partners even asks us to run projects in different South American countries together. In recent years, we have built a complete sales channel, and we have been holding online and offline marketing activities continuously. Now we have our own logistics system and delivery fleet, and an unique full digital Project Management System, which let installers to place orders online and specify time and place for delivery. 

In recent years, photovoltaic power generation has been an important basis for competing with the climate change. Its price has dropped so much that many people can see their dreaming projects come true. Decentralized power generation and creative electricity control systems are the future trend of energy transformation. We operate to satisfy this global need and have been loved and highly evaluated by our customers.


Our Vision and our Mission

We are proud to be a part of making positive changes to the symbiosis between humans and the environment.

  • Providing complete and attentive consultation for both professionals and end users from the moment before the purchasing to the contacts for after-sales service
  • Following the principles of transparency and consistency in sales and business practices
  • Dedicating our sensitivity, curiosity and research to the development of future new technologies.
  • Doing our best to create a sustainable future environment extracting electricity from clean and sustainable energy sources.
  • Offering all products and components according to the specific needs of our customers
  • Continuous research and development to provide customers with diverse, reliable, competitive and sustainable energy solutions.


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With more than 20+ years of experience in the solar energy industry, we have a notable footprint in major Latin American markets. We invite you to visit our website and our online store of your country.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our consulting team is always happy to help you. 

If you are not from these countries, you can also contact us by filling the form at the end of this page or by clicking the "Contact Us" bottom in the menu.




Our Partners

We work with the best-known solar energy brands all over the world


Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, the sun delivers more energy to the Earth than the entire planet uses. It's up to us to capture and harness that boundless potential. We collected a series of frequently asked questions here to help you easily understand how a solar energy system works and have an idea of its potential:

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy, which is obtained from absorbing and harvesting the effects of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun.

Today, both the heat and the light of the Sun can be used by several kinds of collectors such as photoelectric cells or solar heat collectors, and be transformed into electrical or thermal energy.

It is a clean, reliable, and inexpensive energy that can help solve some of the most climate problems the humanity is dacing.

Photovoltaic solar energy consists of the use of solar radiation and light to produce electricity through semiconductor materials (silicon photovoltaic cells) commonly called solar panels.

Solar thermal energy consists of the use of solar radiation to produce heat through thermal collectors. These collectors are used to heat water for sanitary use, for heating systems or for heating swimming pools.

Off-grid self-consumption systems (off grid) generate electricity for consumers in remote locations who do not have access to the electricity grid. This type of system needs battery banks to be able to supply the system at night or on cloudy days.

Grid connection systems (on grid) do not need batteries and when there is surplus power generated by the solar panels, this power is delivered to the grid and then is returned when we need it at night, on cloudy days or when the system consumption exceeds the capacity or amount of energy generated by the solar panels.

  • Very noticable reduction in electricity costs.
  • The cost of the installation will be paid back by the generated electricity quickly.
  • The solar energy is abundant and inexhaustible.
  • The system is modular so it can be adapted and expanded according to our changing needs.
  • We gain energy independence for many years since the panels generate energy for more than 30 years.
  • It is silent, does not generate any pollution and helps prevent global warming.
  • It has multiple applications and it is possible to generate energy connected to the grid and also in systems  isolated from the network.
  • It contributes to the sustainable development by generating wealth and local employment in the community.
  • It brings added value to our houses, and it is able to serve as a sales argument and improve the image of environmental care for businesses
  • You will save money by reducing  your gas or electricity bills.
  • The system is immune to the constant rises in the gas and electricity prices
  • It will not be affected by service cuts.
  • The cost of the installation will be paid back by the saving in gas and electricity bills quickly.
  • It reduces the emission of greenhouse gases which cause global warming.
  • It generates local and quality employment.
  • It brings added value to our houses, and it is able to serve as a sales argument and improve the image of environmental care for businesses

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