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Enertik was founded in 2002. Back then, the global adoption of solar photovoltaics for decentralized power generation was just beginning to unfold, yet we were already at the forefront, embracing the shift towards clean energy transformation.

We now represent a diverse array of globally recognized and competitive solar energy brands, ensuring our valued customers receive only the best. In addition, we collaborate with top-tier factories worldwide to design and manufacture solar products under our own brand, tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of our clientele.

Our business specializes in off-grid energy storage solutions and hybrid photovoltaic systems, encompassing both grid-connected and energy storage options. We excel in the design, supply, and distribution of these advanced systems, ensuring we meet a wide range of energy needs with efficiency and reliability.

Our primary customer base includes those seeking decentralized power generation solutions, specifically tailored for household use and small to medium-sized enterprises. We specialize in catering to these segments, understanding their unique energy needs and challenges.

Today, our offerings encompass a complete range of photovoltaic power generation systems and related products. This includes, but is not limited to, solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, lithium-ion batteries, solar pumps, voltage regulators and solar water heater. Our diverse product lineup ensures we can meet any specific need in the field of solar energy.

We extend our expertise beyond product supply to assisting installers in designing comprehensive solar energy systems for various applications. These include irrigation and water pump systems for agriculture, power solutions for marine and recreational vehicles, electricity bill reduction and UPS systems for households and critical operation centers, electric vehicle chargers, heat pumps for cooling, heating, and swimming pools, telecommunications for remote areas, and energy solutions for country houses and campgrounds, among others.

For over two decades, our unwavering perseverance, diligence, and creativity have been the cornerstone of our business. This enduring commitment has enabled us to build a profound trust with our extensive customer base, now exceeding 30,000 clients. Our long-standing dedication to service and innovation has been key in forging these lasting relationships.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the solar energy sector and our comprehensive consulting and after-sales services for installers, numerous partners have invited us to collaborate on projects across various Latin American countries. In recent years, we have successfully established a complete sales channel and consistently engaged in both online and offline marketing activities. Additionally, we have developed our own logistics system and delivery fleet, complemented by a unique, fully digital Project Management System. This innovative system enables installers to seamlessly place orders online and specify the precise time and location for delivery, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In recent years, photovoltaic power generation has emerged as a crucial tool in the global fight against climate change. The significant reduction in costs has made it increasingly accessible, enabling many to realize their dream projects. The shift towards decentralized power generation and innovative electricity control systems is shaping the future of energy transformation. Our commitment to meeting this global need has not only positioned us at the forefront of this shift but has also earned us the love and high regard of our customers.

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Our Vision and Mission

We are proud to contribute to positive environmental change, enhancing the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

  • To offer comprehensive and personalized consultation services for both professionals and end-users, guiding them from the initial inquiry through to after-sales support, ensuring an exceptional and seamless customer experience.
  • To lead with transparency and consistency in all our sales and business practices, setting the standard for integrity and trust in the renewable energy sector.
  • To channel our passion for innovation and curiosity into the development of pioneering technologies, shaping the future of sustainable energy.
  • To tirelessly work towards a greener future, harnessing the power of clean, renewable energy sources for a more sustainable world.
  • To tailor our diverse range of products and components to meet the unique needs of each customer, delivering personalized energy solutions.
  • To relentlessly pursue research and development, providing our customers with a spectrum of energy solutions that are not only diverse and reliable but also competitive and eco-friendly, constantly advancing the field of renewable energy.


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With over two decades of expertise in the solar energy industry, we've made a significant impact in key Latin American markets. We welcome you to explore our website and visit our country-specific online store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, the sun delivers more energy to the Earth than the entire planet uses. It's up to us to capture and harness that boundless potential. We collected a series of frequently asked questions here to help you easily understand how a solar energy system works and have an idea of its potential:

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy, which is obtained from absorbing and harvesting the effects of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun.

Today, both the heat and the light of the Sun can be used by several kinds of collectors such as photoelectric cells or solar heat collectors, and be transformed into electrical or thermal energy.

It is a clean, reliable, and inexpensive energy that can help solve some of the most climate problems the humanity is dacing.

Photovoltaic solar energy consists of the use of solar radiation and light to produce electricity through semiconductor materials (silicon photovoltaic cells) commonly called solar panels.

Solar thermal energy consists of the use of solar radiation to produce heat through thermal collectors. These collectors are used to heat water for sanitary use, for heating systems or for heating swimming pools.

Off-grid self-consumption systems (off grid) generate electricity for consumers in remote locations who do not have access to the electricity grid. This type of system needs battery banks to be able to supply the system at night or on cloudy days.

Grid connection systems (on grid) do not need batteries and when there is surplus power generated by the solar panels, this power is delivered to the grid and then is returned when we need it at night, on cloudy days or when the system consumption exceeds the capacity or amount of energy generated by the solar panels.

  • Very noticable reduction in electricity costs.
  • The cost of the installation will be paid back by the generated electricity quickly.
  • The solar energy is abundant and inexhaustible.
  • The system is modular so it can be adapted and expanded according to our changing needs.
  • We gain energy independence for many years since the panels generate energy for more than 30 years.
  • It is silent, does not generate any pollution and helps prevent global warming.
  • It has multiple applications and it is possible to generate energy┬áconnected to the grid┬áand also in systems┬á isolated from the network.
  • It contributes to the sustainable development by generating wealth and local employment in the community.
  • It brings added value to our houses, and it is able to serve as a sales argument and improve the image of environmental care for businesses
  • You will save money by reducing┬á your gas or electricity bills.
  • The system is immune to the constant rises in the gas and electricity prices
  • It will not be affected by service cuts.
  • The cost of the installation will be paid back by the saving in gas and electricity bills quickly.
  • It reduces the emission of greenhouse gases which cause global warming.
  • It generates local and quality employment.
  • It brings added value to our houses, and it is able to serve as a sales argument and improve the image of environmental care for businesses

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